Little known fact: Twitchy keeps its overhead low by living rent-free in Ellen Barkin’s head.

Sunday night, the actress took some time off from Mormon bashing to retweet a follower rooting for Tropical Storm Isaac to “wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean!” Or as Barkin would call them, conservatives.

After a handful of Twitter users called her out, Barkin responded by lashing out at … Twitchy.

Twitchy didn’t misrepresent the disgusting retweet as a tweet written by Barkin. In fact, Twitchy didn’t report on Barkin’s tweet at all … until now.

Evidently facts come as easily to the unhinged actress as tolerance and civility.

As many Twitter bios indicate, a retweet is not necessarily an endorsement. But Barkin didn’t give any indication that she disagreed with the revolting sentiment when she retweeted it to her followers. Instead, she falsely accused one conservative Twitter user of wishing ill on New Orleans.

Next time Barkin wants to accuse Twitchy of being a “lying ‘news’ site,” she’d do well to take a long, hard look in the mirror instead.


Barkin continues to claim Twitchy is lying even though we didn’t so much as mention her retweet until she accused us of lying.


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