As Twitchy reported yesterday, Samuel Cook III, a self-described coordinator for Obama for America, Louisiana, hopped aboard the anti-Mormon bigotry train. He then bravely ran away by deleting his tweet.

That’s right; Twitchy is forever. Too bad, Mr. Cook. Your bigotry remains captured for all to see. And, of course, bigots can’t ever resist continuing to spew their garbage. Even after bravely running away from his original tweet, Mr. Cook is continuing. This time, taking cues from the likes of Cher, Roger Ebert, actor Michael McKean, Ellen Barkin and Obama’s “Million Dollar Man,” Bill Maher. Wow. Obama sure is surrounded and supported by hateful bigots, isn’t he?


Mr. Cook also bravely ran away from his role as an Obama for America coordinator and has now changed his Twitter bio to reference “Republicans for Obama.” Technology is hard, evidently. Mr. Cook, you can’t escape your self-proclaimed Obama for America relationship, even if they try to throw you under the bus now.

And his LinkedIn profile.

Plus, no one buys it anyway. Everyone is well aware of the outright lies regarding Democrats claiming to be “Republicans for Obama.” Double fail, dude.

And, lookie here! Hmm. It’s weird that a “Republican” would be have been a co-chair of Young Democrats of New Orleans just last month.

July 10, 2012 / Comments Off

New Orleans, Louisiana, July 9th, 2012 –In announcing the restructuring of Young Democrats of New Orleans, a division of Young Democrats of Louisiana, ydNOLA is proud to announce Executive Committee appointments. J.C. Romero and Samuel Cook, III will serve as Co-Chairmen. Troave’ Profice has been appointed 1st Vice Chair; Adam Preveau, 2nd Vice Chair; Durrell Laurent, 3rd Vice Chair; Kristine Breithaupt, Secretary and Jarrell Sanchez, Treasurer.

Samuel Cook, III joins ydNOLA as Co-Chairman serving actively as a Genn44 Coordinator for the Obama for America, 2012 Campaign. Mr. Cook has earned a B.A. in Public Relations from Alcorn State, an M.A. in History from the University of Toledo, and is currently completing his Ph.D. in Public Policy at Southern University (Baton Rouge).

Caught, Mr. Cook. Perhaps you should take some time away from the spewing of bigoted garbage and study up on the internet.

This Twitter user sums it up best.

That, he is. Will Obama for America denounce the lying liar Mr. Cook? Will the “Young Democrats of New Orleans,” of which he is was a co-chair, accept such bigotry and outright lying?

Likely not; we are still waiting for President Obama to denounce his “Million Dollar Man’s” disgusting misogyny, racism and sexism.

Update: Sam Cook “apologizes” for being inartful, crass and undignified. It looks bad, you see.

What about apologizing for your bigotry, sir?


On Aug. 19 — before parading his anti-Mormon bigotry on Twitter — Sam Cook announced his resignation from the Young Democrats of Louisiana and his intention to join the Republican Party.

But Cook didn’t have an epiphany about the pressing need for smaller government and fiscal sanity. Instead, he cited “a scandal involving an endorsement-for-pay operation by a member of the Young Democrats of New Orleans executive committee.”

Rather than act to root out what was obvious, documented corruption, several members of the Young Democrats of New Orleans and Young Democrats of Louisiana elected to attack me personally and professionally, going as far as to threaten my position as co-chairperson of the organization.  I am deeply troubled that corruption is condoned within the Young Democrats  on any level,  and can not, in good conscience, serve on any committee where individuals without an internal locus are in leadership positions.

More here. (h/t @Margie10)

Like all dedicated Republicans, Cook remains a loyal Obama supporter and promises he “will continue to work to re-elect President Obama to a second term in office.” Cook may have changed his party registration, but it seems like his crisis of faith in the Democratic Party has more to do with infighting and personal grievances than any genuine affinity for the Republican platform.

Exit question: Will he record a “Republicans for Obama” video now?