Of course! That doesn’t fit their preferred and increasingly desperate false narrative. Especially since Team Obama’s pitiful “we totally meant to have pathetic crowds” excuse failed.

Citizens, again doing the job that the media won’t, are reporting from on-the-scene themselves.

Big crowds that the media won´t show for Romney And Ryan. on Twitpic

And some from Michigan the day prior. The press was too busy clutching pearls over a joke to report on crowd size, huh?

A couple pictures of the crowd at the Romney/Ryan rally in MI... on Twitpic

An AP reporter actually tweets a photo! But where are the breathless articles about the huge crowds like there were when Obama had them in 2008?

More photos and reports from citizens in Ohio.


Something else the media are ignoring? Members of the media continue to insist that black conservatives do not exist; Romney and Ryan will have zero, absolutely zero, support from African-Americans, according the them.

Perhaps they would like to meet Twitter user Sharon Broadie. Not only can she teach them a thing or two about reporting facts, she can show them that she does, in fact, exist. She’s a person. With individual thoughts of her very own, regardless of what racist members of the press want to believe.

Ms. Broadie attended the Romney/Ryan rally in Ohio yesterday and reported joyfully from the scene.

Oh. My. We need a moment …

Ms. Broadie, and other #blackconservativesforRomney, are treated to vile hate from the Left. The kind that is usually reserved for conservative women. Yet, they are here … and fired up. Guess what else? Their courage, resolve and enthusiasm serve to make us all stronger.

Fired up? You betcha. Report on that, lapdogs.