That was Democrat former governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm. New tone!

Totally just kidding! Get it? Being gleeful of a potentially life-threatening hurricane because you disagree with people, and are trying to falsely tie them all into Akin, is totally hilarious, you see.

MSNBC would likely call it the most “despicable bigotry we can imagine.” Tagg Romney blasts the governor.

And citizens call her out for her outrageous remark as well.

Yep, comedian and actor Michael Ian Black retweeted it. Because, suffering is totally hilarious if it happens around or affects Republicans, right? Like the Democrat congressmen who happily crowed over Hurricane Katrina. Because, Bush.

Indeed. Where is the condemnation?

Oh, snap. That was beautiful.

We await Team Obama’s denouncement of the former governor’s gross remarks. Or are they too busy trying to falsely paint Mitt Romney as “divisive?

Divisive, intolerant haters, heal thyselves.