Ooh! An all-caps “breaking” alert from the Associated Press. Why? Because President Obama said opponent Mitt Romney has “extreme positions.” AP chief White House correspondent Ben Feller tweeted this snippet from his interview with the president.

Sure thing. The People’s Republic of Massachusetts elected a Republican extremist. That’s completely plausible.

Calling someone extreme without anything to back it up is what we like to call “pulling a Meggie Mac.” Conservative Twitterers think the president doth project too much.

Somehow — somehow — the right side of the Twitterverse managed to come up with examples of Obama’s “extreme positions.”

Reminder: it wasn’t Mitt Romney who voted against saving the lives of babies who survive abortion attempts when they don’t “come out limp and dead.”


Perhaps a president who occupies a glass White House shouldn’t throw stones.



Full transcript of the AP interview with Obama: