As Twitchy reported, Mitt Romney made a joke this morning in Michigan. He said, “No one needs to see my birth certificate. They know this was the place where we were born and raised.” Apparently, that is an inexcusable no-no. It’s only okay if The One makes jokes. Or, you know, falsely calls someone a felon or accuses him of killing a woman. Move along!

“Real journalists” immediately began clutching their pearls.

Media gasped. Gasped. Where, oh where, are their fainting couches? They’ll need to lie down after all this mad spinning.

This absurd pearl-clutching and frenzy even has #Birther trending now.

This BuzzFeed senior political “reporter” helped start that off by referring to Romney as Orly Taitz. No bias here, move along. We are just surprised there is no follow-up to BuzzFeed’s “conservative media is stoking a ‘race war’ and Romney is giving nod to it” claims.

President Obama rapidly weighed in to basically call Mitt Romney a birther.

Gee, look how many are following their master’s lead?

“Real reporters,” remember. Giggling over lefty attacks.

Only the tip of the iceberg; Twitter was full of “real reporters” frantically tweeting, all breathless and gasping. While picking jaws up off the floor, over a joke. Why could this be?

Yes. Anything at all to cover for or carry water for President Obama. He’s floundering? Gin up some outrageous outrage. Oh, look … a shiny!

But, wait, what’s this?

That’s right. Journalists said Squee! when President Obama made a birth certificate joke at last year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner.  This year, when he joked about eating a dog (racist dog whistle!), CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux was ready to throw her panties on stage, for cripes sake.

Further, the Obama campaign solicited birth certificate jokes.

And cash in off of joke mugs.

RedState has more.

So basically everyone, including Obama, is pretty upset about this incredible affront on Obama’s birth in spite of Romney’s continued and consistent position that he is in fact a citizen born in the United States.

But really, Romney was just following the Obama Campaign’s own instructions as seen on their website store where you can purchase a coffee mug with Obama’s birth certificate printed on the side. Their description makes clear that birther jokes aren’t only ok, they wantpeople telling them.

Huh. Sort of like how the media tells us that Obamacare is totally racist. But it’s okay when Obama calls it that and fundraises off of it.

Yes. Plus, members of the media need to step out of their absurd sycophantic bubble.

And, you know, put down the water.

Update: Well, looky here.

Update: MSNBC sinks even lower than their usual rock bottom and calls Romney joke the “most despicable bigotry we can imagine.”



Update: DNC, Team Obama going all-in on calling Romney a birther.