Details regarding this morning’s tragic Empire State Building shooting are still emerging. The blood isn’t even dry, but as always, that’s not stopping the opportunistic gun control ghouls like Mayor Bloomberg from politicizing the shooting.

A 41-year-old is dead, several more people are injured, and shameless Smarter Than You™ celebrities are more than happy to build their gun-grabbing case on the backs of the victims. As Twitchy already reported, Kim Kardashian is calling for Americans to “rethink gun laws.” And actor Jim Carrey wants to “revise” the Second Amendment.

So, Jim Carrey has no use for the Bill of Rights? What exactly is keeping him here in America, eh?

How easy does Carrey think it is to get a gun in New York City?

Once again, Foster the People front man Mark Foster is refusing to let a tragedy go to waste.

Marlon Wayans is calling for gun control despite his apparent belief that it has something to do with tank tops.

And reliable left-wing parrot Mia Farrow got in on the gun-grabbing action as soon as possible.

How many more disgraceful celebrities will pile on before victims’ families are even notified?


Mia Farrow joins Jim Carrey’s call for revising the Second Amendment.