When you’ve been dealt a bad hand, you can still play the race card. At least that’s the strategy liberals subscribe to. After Mitt Romney cracked a birth certificate joke earlier today, the Left experienced nothing short of a major meltdown. Bereft of any rational thought, they decided to birth a ludicrous hashtag game, #FutureMittJokes.

A handful miraculously managed to keep race out of it:

But most just couldn’t resist:

Get it? Because Mitt’s a closet Nazi!

Conservatives weren’t about to let lefties get away with their garbage-spewing, and they fought back with good old-fashioned hashtag-hijackage:




That’s right. Romney spreads his wealth around of his own volition.


Pretty sure that’s a win, right there.

The hashtag war’s still waging, but we’re feeling good about the eventual outcome.

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