According to ‘real journalists’ at BuzzFeed, conservative media are totally pushing a “race war.” Because Romney did an accurate ad on Obama’s gutting of welfare reform. Or something; it’s kind of hard to translate “partisan hackery.” Never mind that Democrats are obsessed with race and see only color.

More from the article titled “Welfare Attacks Raise The Politics Of Race”:

The Romney campaign’s assault on President Obama’s welfare policy drew direct charges from Democrats and leading media organizations Wednesday that Romney is playing racial politics, the latest sign that race, always simmering beneath the surface of American electoral politics, may be moving to the forefront of the presidential election.

HAHAHA. Oh, our sides! “Moving to the forefront”? Oh, isn’t that just precious? Good grief, that is all the Democrats ever blather on about. Disagree with President Obama? Racist, natch. They now even call the term “kitchen cabinet” racist, for cripes sake!

The article then goes on to insanely say the following:

Romney’s point appeared to be a nod toward a narrative that has been percolating in conservative media for years, which suggests there’s widespread “race war” going on in America — one the mainstream media is covering up, and which Obama is happily exploiting.

See, it’s conservative media that is forcing Democrats to use and abuse minorities. It’s all a nefarious plot! Probably instigated by Karl Rove and his wizard wand of evil. And Romney is “nodding” to it.

“Just bloggers” and citizens quickly begin to mock, and debunk, the amazingly ridiculous claims.

And the spin begins!

Totally cool. Or, he had nothing else to say after this epic thumping.

Oh, my! And, some facts for the “real journalists.”

Facts are hard. Response from BuzzFeed?

Of course it’s quiet. It’s hard to type when one’s hands are far too busy carrying water for The One.