Oh, yes, he did. He dropped the most awesome insult ever.

Swoon! Romney’s point is, of course, correct and needs repeating. But the “bless his heart” is getting more play as of now; it was the delicious final touch on the pro-freedom message. Of course, lefties react in typical fashion.


But most Twitter users delighted in his turn of phrase.


Some think that Romney should not be allowed to use the oh-so-awesome Southern slam.


We disagree and are totally on board with anyone using “bless your heart,” Southern or otherwise. To mix it up, he should add a little “isn’t he just precious?” That always adds some extra oomph.

Keep it coming, Mitt! More of this, please. Remember: No more Mr. Nice Guy. Keep the mitts off and stick with the fired up passion.


A preemptive “don’t even try it” to the media: It is not racist in the slightest. “Bless your heart” is totally an equal opportunity disguised obscenity. It’s very PC that way. And polite!