Huh. Why the faux-apology? Well, keeping with its tradition of being among the lapdoggiest of lapdog media, The Washington Post pulled a doozy this afternoon, by assuming that a huge Obama gaffe was invented. With magic. As Twitchy reported, Obama finally discovered one of those missing seven states: Oiho.

Smartest man alive! Remember Dan Quayle’s spelling error? “Just bloggers” do.

The lapdog media, however? They would have started a media frenzy were it, say, Sarah Palin. What did they do here? Immediately jump to cover for The One, like the sycophants they always are. Oh, Barack! You can’t possibly ever make a mistake! You are so unprecedented and awesome and stuff. Also, so dreamy!

ABC’s Jake Tapper piled on.

Although he has since deleted this tweet.

Those who aren’t dragged down by heavy drool buckets were quick to point out how inane The Washington Post’s Obama-butt-covering claim was.

Even Tapper then sees that photoshopping two different photos would have required dark magic that even an evil “math witch” doesn’t have.

And, a lame correction!

More from The Washington Post, from an article originally titled “Yes, Obama Can Spell Ohio” (the slug still remains with original title).

Correction: There are different photographs of Obama’s attempt to spell Ohio from a similar angle. We incorrectly stated the first one appeared photoshopped.

The title has now been changed to “Can Obama Spell Ohio?” Yet, Ms. Weiner, in her  tweet, is still claiming she doesn’t know if it was photoshopped. Oh, honey. Put the water down. But, hey, what else can we expect from a media outlet that called the shooting at Family Research Council “a scuffle.

Twitter users quickly call out the blatant media bias.

Bingo. Everything is about The One and covering for him. Remember this: Their first instinct was to immediately jump to cover for President Obama. And, once again, “just bloggers” immediately debunk.

Kudos, happy warriors!