President Barack Obama finally found the 57th state, and it’s spelled O-I-H-O.

To be fair, Obama and his pals finally got it right here:

Some can’t believe the President would be so stupid:

Great point! Except, not really:

  • Obama’s watch is on his left hand in both cases.
  • The man to Obama’s right is wearing a watch on his left hand in both cases.
  • The light fixtures and ceiling tiles would look different if the image had been reversed.
  • The lettering on the red shirt to the right of Obama isn’t backwards.

So, no. The photo was not flipped or Photoshopped despite what some MSM laptogs may want us to believe.

Update: This is a must-read:

Bias: WaPo ‘real reporters’ falsely claim Obama ‘O-I-H-O’ pic was photoshopped