Our good friend Terry McMillan sure loves to rant. Once she gets going, she can’t quite seem to stop herself! Today, she took a few minutes out of her undoubtedly busy day to blast Republicans:

Twitterer and blogger Sonnie Johnson rightly pointed out that countless girls, aka future women, are aborted every year.

Of course not. Abortions don’t kill people; white men do!

Hmmm … whatever could she mean by that?

Hey Terry, you might want to reconsider. Whole Foods CEO John Mackey is himself one of those “white men” who’s not a fan of Obama.

Have fun grocery shopping! And don’t forget to engage in a little civil discourse before you leave:

Terry, Terry, Terry … take a deep breath, wait to exhale, and step away from the Twitters.


McMillan was kind enough to, um, clarify her earlier “white men” tweet:

Yeah, right.