Apparently, like her fellow lefty luminaries Michael Moore  and Jan Schakowsky, Martha can’t be bothered to do any research before she opens her mouth. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Here are a few items to get her started:

Some Republicans say Rep. Todd Akin should step down; Updated

Romney-Ryan campaign: ‘We disagree with Mr. Akin’s statement’

Romney: Akin’s ‘comments on rape are insulting, inexcusable, and, frankly, wrong’

Scott Brown calls for Todd Akin to drop out of Senate race

GOP Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison condemns Todd Akin’s rape remarks; lefties call her a hypocrite

Sean Hannity tells Akin to quit race, Akin says he’s staying in … for now; Will media frenzy continue?

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Sen. McCain call for Rep. Akin to step aside; Update: Blunt, Talent, Ashcroft and Danforth join in; McConnell favors withdrawal

Mitt Romney calls for Rep. Akin to drop out

If Ms. Plimpton took any interest in the truth, she’d know that Republicans have found a great deal to object to when it comes to Akin’s candidacy. Hey Martha, maybe you should add Twitchy to your reading list. You might learn a thing or two.


Update: Looks like Martha’s not quite finished yet.

Ah, so she’s reinforcing the leftist theory that bad things are only bad when conservatives do them. Really, Martha? Are you seriously suggesting that Todd Akin’s foolish “legitimate rape” remarks are worse — worse — than a state representative soliciting sex with a teenage boy, simply because Akin is a Republican?

Actually, Martha, it wasn’t. Once again, had you read Twitchy, you’d know.

Plimpton also retweeted this gem:

And as far as we can tell, Martha, you’re absolutely full of it.



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