Glenn Thrush’s new e-book,  “Obama’s Last Stand,” reveals that Team Obama didn’t have much faith in the bumbling Priorities USA leadership when the Super PAC first launched in 2011. Or as one top aide put it, “Oh, God. We’re fucked.”

Wealthy donors didn’t want to come out to play with Bill Burton and Sean Sweeney, so the campaign quietly considered subbing in “bigger players.”

The name at the center of these discussions was Robert Gibbs. He was, it was thought, the one operative who had both a big enough repuation to attract billionaires and the political ESP to intuit what Chicago wanted him to do without breaching anti-coordination rules.

No, really. Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was reportedly the top choice for Super PAC Savior! Snort!

Sadly for bloggers, Thrush reports the blunder-prone Gibbs was working too closely with Obama on strategy and might have caused the campaign to run afoul of election laws. Alas, we’re stuck mocking Pig Maher’s boy Bill Burton.

Somehow we’ll carry on.