Jumping at the chance to use women and demagogue rape yet again, President Obama took questions from the press today. (See update at bottom: He is continuing via official Twitter feed).

For the first time in eight weeks.

Gee, we wonder why?

And this time, it wasn’t People magazine or “Entertainment Tonight,” even though lying liar Stephanie Cutter lauded them yesterday and snubbed national media. But, hey, he can totally use the press to his advantage here. So now he is oh-so-conveniently un-snubbing them.

And the press lapped it up.

President Obama’s absurd remarks regarding Missouri Senate candidate Akin’s highly criticized comments came first. Never come between Obama and a chance to preen while politicizing women! This was a most pressing issue, even after Akin apologized and clarified again. President Obama is probably just disappointed that he didn’t have a specific person to phone up and pat on her head.

And what did he say?

Then why are you, Obama? The lack of self-awareness is beyond staggering now.

He then discussed the dire unemployment situation. Ha! Just kidding! He, of course, ridiculously prattled on about Romney’s taxes and how annoying being President is … to him. Laser. Like. Focus.

Let him finish all his waffles, people! Next up came his latest outrageous lie, which he uttered with a straight face, as only the pathological can.

No, really. He claimed they never called Romney a felon! Twitter users were quick to call him on it.

Everyone with a functioning brain knew that was a lie. He must be taking pants on fire lessons from lying liar Stephanie Cutter. But, the lapdog press?

Next, Obama went for what we can only assume was meant to be comic relief. He can’t be this delusional, can he?

They are vying for the title, evidently!

ABC’s Jake Tapper closed it out with an awesome zinger.

Not like it matters, though. “Morning Mayhem” to People magazine to White House press briefing; either way, it’s softball questions only. Now with more Akin. Because, he’s Paul Ryan. Or something.

Update: Obama still crowing, using women and rape victims.

And is trying to tie Paul Ryan to Akin comments. By using and attempting to scare women, as always.

See, ladies? “Free” birth control and a man telling you that your daughters’ opportunities are predicated on the legal ability to abort their children. Wow. You’ve come a long way, baby.

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