Of course they did. Their outrage over Missouri Senate candidate Akin’s comments is to further an agenda only. They aren’t For The Women ™ and never have been. They aren’t outraged by what Akin said in an indefensible fit of ignorance; they are thrilled by what he said. They will use women, including the victims of rape, any chance they can get.

And so are Senator McCaskill and President Obama. Gee, look who immediately capitalized on the Akin mess?

To President Obama, women, composite or otherwise, are to serve his purposes only.

Senator McCaskill is all over the media, gleefully crowing. She’s thrilled to use rape victims; she has an election to win and isn’t that all that matters?


The rest of the Left, including the always delusional Amanda Marcotte, are quickly jumping on to giddily use rape victims. Again.

We see. First insanely try to tie Paul Ryan to Akin. Now, try to tie the entire pro-life movement to him. Gee, what’s the problem? We thought the Left had already decided that there were degrees of rape, like rape-rape? Or is that only involving children and leftist, child-sodomizing idols like Roman Polanski?  Remember, that wasn’t rape-rape of a 13 year old child. See, it’s not “legitimate”  if someone who shares your ideology does it!

Let’s ask the Democrats now outrageously outraged and gleefully crowing if they think that ultrasounds are “legitimate rape.” They have already grossly claimed so, with their pushing of an unbelievably exploitative meme: transvaginal ultrasounds are the equivalent of rape. And members of the press ran with the disgusting false narrative. Where was the outrage for that repugnant diminishing of rape and use of rape victims?

Wishing rape is hunky-dory, too, natch. Vice President Joe Biden wished rape on opponents of the jobs bill. He then doubled-down by claiming that non-passage would cause more rapes.

Rapes at OWS camps were dismissed and swept under the lapdog rug. What’s a little rape, if it is for a cause? Suck it up, ladies!

Keith Olbermann came late to the whitewashing of OWS train, but he certainly took the cake. He refused to denounce Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas’s statement that no one cares if women are raped at OWS camps because it’s about the message. The “movement” trumps actual women. Women, as always, are disposable and expendable to the Left.

But Keith didn’t stop there; he repugnantly said that a 14 year old girl had consensual sex, so it wasn’t rape. With a 24 year old convicted sex offender.

Rape can be demagogued, according to the Left. And victims can be re-victimized and grossly exploited, over and over. That’s what happens when one has no moral compass and always believes that the end justifies the means.

Even if the means are raped women. And all with the media’s blessing.

This time, the media is in collusion in order to save McCaskill.

You don’t count, ladies. Only the “right kind” of women do; Like Senator McCaskill, who’s Obama-backing record speaks for itself. As should the Left’s outright contempt and disdain for women. Using rape, and victims, as a political club. Again.

War on women? It comes from the Left.