As Twitchy reported yesterday, actress Ellen Barkin again had her bitter and angry panties in a knot. This time, over Twitchy! Truth is hard. And leftists like Ms. Barkin don’t like their own vile words exposed for all to see; they prefer to keep them in their elitist and racist bubbles. Last night, Barkin continued obsessing over Twitchy (her obsession makes us feel a tad creeped out; Sorry, Ellen, we are just not that into you).

Oh, honey. Aren’t you just precious?! Speaking of racism, Ms. Barkin let her racist colors show. First, she praised Bill Maher for his reprehensible racism. See, Bill Maher went on a rant about Voting ID laws (after proclaiming President Obama “too white,” because that’s not racist at all). During his rant, as Twitchy reported, he said that minorities can’t get IDs because they are poor and take the bus.

WTF? How dare anyone leave the leftist plantation! All “you people” must think alike; so say racists Harry Reid and Senator Barbara Boxer. And now noted political expert Ellen Barkin. Know your place, people!

She then goes on a nearly unintelligible rant about Voting ID laws herself.

Your driver’s license is deadly! Identification will kill us all! She caps it off with a sob story that is all about her. Poor, little rich girl Ellen.

The horror! Four hours! FYI, Ellen, that’s the oh-so-efficient government at work. And you want them in charge of your health care?

Dude, racist much? Minorities are too poor and/or sickly to get identification? Well, Ellen, then why aren’t you on board with Voter ID laws? See, they will provide all with the means to obtain identification, since it is simply too much of a hardship, according to you. Wouldn’t you want all those poor, helpless (according to you, you racist) people to be able to have identification so that they can be fully immersed and able to function in society?

Civility! She then frantically retweeted similar nonsensical anti-Voter ID rants.

Wait, I thought Voter ID laws were going to kill us all? Are we back to Republicans want you to die!!!!!!111 now?

The willful ignorance, it burns! Honey, do you know who tries to suppress military votes? Democrats and President Obama. Try to keep up, toots. Barkin then pulls a typical leftist move: Swoop in, spew hate and utter nonsense, then seek to silence those who disagree.

The FBI. For disagreeing. We are sure the FBI is thrilled with having to waste time on your paranoid delusional nonsense, Ellen. Her own hate is totally fine, of course.

Oh, well. It was only a tweet by a non-famous person. Thus, when she mocked Andrew Breitbart’s death, it didn’t count.

Take a look in the hateful, racist and craven mirror, Ellen.

Update, 2:28 p.m. ET:  Uh oh. Looks like she’s still pissed at us:


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