Today’s Occupy the Truth rally in Cleveland was ignored by the press, but it was covered by one liberal blogger with a video camera and a disturbing past.

Self-styled “controversial Ohio blogger” Tim Russo was confronted on video by Dana Loesch after he called Occupy the Truth presenter Sonnie Johnson an “Uncle Tom.” But what is it besides being “heavily involved in Occupy Cleveland” that makes Russo so controversial? Russo was arrested in 2001 and charged with importuning (soliciting sex from a minor under 13), attempting to disseminate matter harmful to a juvenile, and possessing criminal tools. Russo pleaded guilty to the charges, which arose from sexually explicit online conversations with an undercover FBI agent posing as a 12-year-old boy.

While television stations had nothing to show, Russo did post a YouTube video in which he trolls attendees regarding Mormonism.

What’s creepier than being confronted by a convicted sex offender? Having said sex offender gay-bait you with a visit to a gay club.

Occupy the Truth was organized in response to an attempted bombing of an Ohio bridge by Occupy Cleveland members, an act which has gone largely underreported. Speakers today brought a light to shine on the truth. What did the opposition bring?

Race baiting? Check. Gay baiting? Check. Misogyny? A criminal past? Check and check. Stay classy, Occupy. Or as Nancy Pelosi would say, “God bless them.”