Is there some secret tax rate for entertainers the rest of us don’t know about? Appearing last night on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight,” comedian and club owner Jon Lovitz claimed he was paying 50 percent or more in tax. Tonight Kirstie Alley claims a similar tax rate and wonders what she’s doing wrong.

Though it’s probably a question best left for a tax attorney, Alley’s Twitter followers did their best to explain.

We’re not sure what combination of income and investments makes up Alley’s adjusted gross income. Perhaps if she’d release her tax returns we’d have a better idea.

But wait a minute… we thought Hollywood types wanted to pay more. Even Morgan was so unfazed by Lovitz’s claim of a 50 percent tax rate that he didn’t think to question it, suggesting only that it was Lovitz’s “moral duty” to pay more to help those suffering under the current economy. Alley’s followers seemed to disagree with that notion, though. Half is too much. Don’t rich people have accountants to find loopholes for them?

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