Comedian Jon Lovitz appeared on Piers Morgan’s CNN show Friday to talk life under Obama’s economy. The “Saturday Night Live” alum is a Democrat who experienced the unhinged vitriol of the Left after he dared to criticize President Obama.

Uh oh. Lovitz is disagreeing with the president again and we know that is not to be tolerated.

As always, the oh-so-open-minded Left greeted Lovitz’s dissent with pitchforks and torches. And naturally, the race card was in play again. Because really, when doesn’t the Left have the race card ready to go?

Waiting to see what the candidates have to say at the debates? Gasp! It’s almost like Lovitz thinks he’s allowed to make decisions independent of the liberal herd. Side note: we really hope Joe Biden’s house arrest doesn’t interfere with his debate with Paul Ryan. Free Joe!


Lovitz only responded to one race card-bearing liberal, but there were plenty having stompy, screechy Twitter tantrums about his heretical views on the economy.

Is it any wonder Lovitz is rethinking the whole liberal thing?