Self-awareness is hard to come by in Hollywood and actress Ellen Barkin is decidedly no exception. This afternoon she asked her Twitter followers if Twitchy is real or a parody “like The Onion News.” She’s “hopin” for the “later.”

Bless her precious heart.

Oh, Ellen, Twitchy is real, and it’s spectacular. See, the beauty of Twitchy is that we report who said what on Twitter. There’s nothing Onion-like about curating the Left’s deranged death threats, revolting bigotry and sickening misogyny.

So when we catch Barkin publicly mocking Andrew Breitbart’s death or calling Jon Lovitz an “ignorant asshole” who should “shut the fuck up,” there’s no need to parody her. She’s already a walking, bile-spewing self-parody.

Update: Barkin’s more Internet-savvy followers let her know that Twitchy was founded by Michelle Malkin — a secret so dark that the site keeps it hidden at the top of Twitchy’s “About Us” page.

Hey, we’re not perfect, but thanks for the support.


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