President Obama isn’t big on taking questions from the White House press corps. But when the hosts of New Mexico’s “Morning Mayhem” radio program wanted to ask him some hard-hitting questions, he was so there!

Warning: you might not be able to handle this much mayhem.

Naturally, there was discussion of New Mexico’s cuisine.

And finally, we have an answer to the question reporters have been waiting weeks to ask the president: Red chiles or green?

Gutsy call! But fair enough. He was speaking to a New Mexico station. The other softballs weren’t quite so geographically-oriented.

He also mentioned Nas — at least we think that’s who he was talking about.

This one might be our favorite.

Is that the lamest superpower anyone has ever wished for? The superhuman ability to be … multilingual?

And now for some musical mayhem.

Evidently Obama hasn’t heard the original, but the narcissist in chief has seen the mashup that features him.

And now for a real tough one. Don’t sit too far forward on the edge of your seat.

His answer? “Be persistent” and disciplined. Too bad that was the last question. There was so much more to cover!

Wait … was that another food question?

The interview ended on a professional note.

Keep your clothes on, doll. November is right around the corner.


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