Oh, honey. Bless your precious, little heart! As Twitchy reported, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien was recently caught using notes, on-air, from liberal blog Talking Points Memo as “research.” This resulted in side-splitting mockery from Twitter users. Bless her heart-y Soledad decided that the way to conquer this was to … utter more mock-worthy nonsense? We aren’t really sure why she chose to give this interview; we’ll wait to hear from Talking Points Memo.

More from The Hollywood Reporter interview:

After spending several minutes excoriating O’Brien for what he called her liberal bias, Limbaugh on Tuesday posted photos on his website of her with a bumper sticker on her forehead touting the Obama-Biden ticket.

“I didn’t hear what he had to say, and it’s sort of irrelevant to what I do,” O’Brien said Wednesday. “People are entitled to do what they want, and I do what I do — which is, as a journalist, focus on the substance of someone’s argument.”

She’s a “real journalist,” people! Of course, by “substance,” she actually means only “things with which she personally agrees.” Twitter users quickly call her on this latest idiocy; how on earth does she lie with a straight face like that? While debunking, hilarious mockery also occurs.

In the interview, Soledad also claimed that she uses conservative blogs, like RedState, as well. Twitter users swiftly debunk that fallacious claim.

And Ace of Spades gets right to the (bless your) heart of the matter.

It’s harder to create false narratives if people know there is an agenda behind them.

Plus, they are Smarter Than You ™, dumb ol’ “unwashed masses.”

Participation ribbon syndrome! Soledad, honey, if everyone is special, then no one is. Sorry to burst your hugely inflated bubble.

Smarter Than You ™ and Better Than You ™. Ah, the delusions created by an Ivory Tower!

That’s a win right there.

A Twitter user offers some advice for those unlucky enough to have to suffer through being “interviewed” by Special Snowflake Soledad:

And another Twitter user sums it up; non-biased? Then why the tears, sad Soledad? Evidently, she can’t really lie with a straight face.