Walker spoke earlier this week with Lee Stranahan and elaborated on the importance of not backing down from Kimberlin’s intimidation tactics.

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For years, Kimberlin has operated under the idea that he is immune from prosecution for his crimes. And once again, he and his legal team have failed to comply with law. As Walker reveals, he and the Blogger’s Defense Team served Kimberlin with discovery, and Kimberlin’s team informed them that they would refuse to comply.

Perhaps some intrepid reporter who knows something of the law should ask Kimberlin why he is not complying.  I know his stated reason but my attorneys have asked me not to disclose it, but I will say that it is frivolous as a matter of law.

And of course we are not taking this lying down.  The Blogger’s Defense Team has served Kimberlin with a motion to compel requiring him to actually, you know, comply with the law.  Imagine that!

This represents the best opportunity in a long time to hold him accountable.  I knew that he has left a years-long trail of destruction in his wake.  He has abused our courts to ruin many peoples’ lives; one can only speculate just how many people have experienced his harassment.  But my case was unique because the conduct is egregious—he tried to trick Maryland officials into imprisoning me for up to ten years—and best of all, I can absolutely prove it.  You only have to look at this video and you will see with your own eyes that Kimberlin tried to frame me for a crime.  And so this represents the best chance in a long time to get justice, not just for myself but for the untold number of others who have been victimized by him.


Reminder: Aaron Walker and his blogger colleagues cannot fight this battle alone. If you’d like to donate to the Bloggers Defense Fund, which helps to provide for the legal defense of bloggers targeted by Brett Kimberlin and his henchmen, you can do so here.


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