At 12:09 pm ET, Fox News is reporting from Dubuque, Iowa, about the presidential campaign.

At 12:10 pm ET, CNN is reporting on new cigarette regulations in Australia.

At 12:13 pm ET, Fox News is reporting on the voter ID law ruling  in Pennsylvania.

At 12:14 pm ET, MSNBC commentators are debating Paul Ryan’s budget plan.

At 12:19 pm ET, Fox News talking about George Zimmerman case and the burglary at Steve Jobs’ home.

At 12:20 pm ET, Fox News talking to a Washington Times reporter about a Gallup poll on voters’ feelings about Congress.

At 12:28 pm ET, Fox News talking about the Taliban in Afghanistan.

At 12:30 pm ET, MSNBC talking about the drought.

12:44 pm ET: Fox News finally covered the shooting, then quickly moved on to other topics.

At Hot Air, Mary Katherine Ham writes: “There is no mention of the shooting on either CNN’s Twitter feed or its website as of 1:52 p.m. EST. The bullpen at Townhall.com has been watching CNN coverage since the time of the shooting and has seen no mention of it. The shooting news is on MSNBC’s website.”