Ha! When two news items collide, the result is spectacular. As Twitchy reported, Vice President Biden shamefully said that the GOP was “going to put you back in chains,” while giving a speech in Danville, Va., today. And yesterday, Soledad “Wikipedia is my source” O’Brien was caught on-air using a printout of an email consisting of, well, talking points from liberal blog Talking Points Memo.


She hasn’t been fired … yet. But the awesome Ace of Spades is taking her to task as only he can. Other Twitter users join in and the results are gold, Jerry. Gold.

Which brings it all back to Biden’s deplorable, race-baiting “chains” remark.

No need! Soledad has already “fact checked.”

She so wishes it was fact checking with benefits! Keep it coming, Twitter. Once again, you are doing the job that the “real journalists” won’t do.

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