If your Twitter timeline tonight seems to have an unusual amount of papaya in it, there’s a reason. It’s an incredibly stupid reason, but a reason nonetheless, and if it can be spun as a campaign gaffe, then all the better.

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher notes that, during an interview with a Cuban-American radio station in Florida yesterday, Mitt Romney told the host he was a big fan of papaya, which is Cuban slang for vagina. So … what was the point again?

Well, “weird shit” is a good way of putting it. If anyone was upset, though, they didn’t stay upset for long. Like the saying goes, if Twitter hands you papayas, make … papaya jokes?

The papaya meme even managed to revive an even more senseless hashtag game from earlier this year, morphing into #ReplaceMovieNamesWithPapaya. This must be comedy gold in Cuba.