Back in May, Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker on “Meet the Press” criticized Obama campaign ads demonizing Bain Capital, calling them “nauseating” and “crap.” Booker backtracked quickly, releasing a “clarification” video which many — including Booker himself — likened to a “hostage video.”

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal this week, Booker said he regrets doing the follow-up video, calling it a “dumb decision,” adding that “the whole thing became more myth than fact.”

While the public seems to have moved on, is the Obama campaign still holding a grudge? Booker has been appearing at lower-key events on behalf of the president but will not have a speaking role at the Democratic National Convention. Bringing up the “hostage video” again to the Wall Street Journal might not be the best way to move on, though.