Model, reality television star and failed biblical scholar Adrianne Curry doesn’t seem to like her 2012 presidential options very much. In fact, she’s struggling to come to terms with a “South Park” scenario: “giant douche” or “turd sandwich.”

We already know how Curry feels about right-wing Christians, but today she shared her thoughts on President Obama.

Fortunately the aspiring armchair pundit has discovered a third option — the brilliant political mind behind her favorite sitcom, Roseanne Barr.

This morning Curry’s Twitter handle was included in a tweet about medical marijuana sent by one of Roseanne’s followers. Roseanne’s incoherent, unbalanced responses also included Curry’s handle and seem to have won another vote for the Peace and Freedom Party ticket. Here’s a selection of those tweets:

So there you have it — if it’s a choice between a turd sandwich, a giant douche and a pro-pot, anti-“mind control constructs” candidate who’s fiercely opposed to yoga, Curry is all about putting a cuckoo in chief in the Oval Office.

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