Another day, another brazen lie from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Earlier this month, the DCCC was forced to retract the smear that Republican Sheldon Adelson donated to GOP groups using money from a Chinese prostitution ring.

Now that Paul Ryan has entered the race as Mitt Romney’s running mate, DCCC demagogues are trotting out the tired falsehood that Ryan is a heartless monster who wants to wheel granny off a cliff. And they’re shamelessly promoting a “Save Medicare, Vote Democrat” sticker.

Ryan would end Medicare? You lie.

Twitchy debunked the Left’s Medicare disinformation campaign here. The Democrats’ over-the-top Mediscare lies are so outrageous that even left-leaning Politifact named their deception the Lie of the Year in 2011.

Paul Ryan wants to reform Medicare to preserve it for future generations. And it’s President Obama’s Affordable Care Act that’s driving doctors to reject new Medicare and Medicaid patients. That’s right, Obama has cut Medicare more than Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney would.

But it’s Ryan who would “end Medicare”? Shameful.


The Obama campaign is using elderly Floridians to push the lie that Romney and Ryan would end the social safety net. Oddly enough, no mention of the president’s Medicare cuts.

Naturally, Stephanie Cutter, lying liar who lies, is involved.