Well, it stands to reason that the liar in chief would have another total liar pants as his deputy campaign manager. And he found it, in Stephanie Cutter.

Ms. Cutter lied, with a straight face as only the pathological can, and pretended that she did not know the details of the steelworker’s story in the disgusting “Romney killed my wife” Obama SuperPAC ad. Even though that same man, being used and abused by the Democrats, has been featured in two previous ads.

Citizens are not only repulsed by the shameful and sewer-level ad; they are also disgusted with Stephanie Cutter.

And away we go.

Boom, indeed. Now that is rapid response at its best and most devastating.


Indeed. As Twitchy reported earlier, Ms. Pants on Fire has been conspicuously silent for 17 hours.

On the other hand …


She is exposing the sickening depths to which Democrats will sink, isn’t she?

Make it happen, Twitter.

If Ms. Cutter is finally allowed back out of radio silent exile, we suspect her first tweet may be “Ugh.