We’re pretty certain conservatives weren’t in the mood today to hear about Obamacare from Sandra Fluke or, for that matter, from anyone who wasn’t also using the words “full repeal” in the same sentence. Even more so, no one wanted to talk about Romneycare — with the notable exception of Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul, who was appearing on Fox News allegedly to respond to an attack ad from Priorities USA linking Romney to a woman’s death from cancer.

The defense against the ad would seem simple enough; even Wolf Blitzer and CNN’s fact check team found it outrageous and flat-out inaccurate. So why remark, as Saul did, that if the family depicted “had been in Massachusetts, under Governor Romney’s health care plan, they would have had health care”?


It’s true that Romney used to be fond of talking about his health care legislation, but that was then. Was this just a gaffe by a staffer, or is this tone coming from the top?

If so, perhaps it’s time to send some common sense back up the pipeline, and make sure there’s nothing clogging the way.


Appearing on Sean Hannity’s show Wednesday night, Ann Coulter called for Saul to be fired, going so far as to ask donors to call and demand her gone by tomorrow.


Isn’t that a little harsh?


Also on Hannity representing the #ConservativeSisterhood: Michelle Malkin and Monica Crowley. Malkin told Hannity, “The response, for example, to this lying, smearing SuperPAC ad accusing Romney of a murder … is to talk about the Obama jobs death toll and the Beltway jobs massacre.” Seems simple enough.

Saul eventually did have the sense to note “there are a lot of people losing their jobs … in President Obama’s economy.” If Coulter and company have their way, perhaps those words will prove prophetic tomorrow in a small way at Romney campaign headquarters.