Since Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul’s ill-conceived Romneycare pimpage yesterday, many conservatives are calling on her to resign or for Romney to give her the boot:

Twitterers offered up ideas as to who should replace Saul. Some suggestions were pretty generic:

Then again, everyday citizens are perhaps in a better position than anyone else to weigh in on what affects them most.

Others felt Saul-detractor Ann Coulter would be a good fit:

That, however, could wind up going over like a lead balloon:


There were also a few votes for the boss:

Very flattering, but no thanks. Life is far more pleasant outside the swamp.

For the record, a few conservatives don’t place the blame for Saul’s gaffe squarely on Saul herself, but also on those who work above her:

Regardless of who’s fault it really is, the Romney campaign needs to seriously evaluate its players and approach in the coming months. Pay attention to what really matters to conservatives and don’t go soft when we need you to play hardball. Your success — and all of ours — depends on it.