File under: “Sh*t Abortionists Say.” This is truly horrifying:

This pathetic excuse for a mama may be packing tools, but she’s left her conscience out to rust.

And Laura is the walrus. Goo goo g’joob.

Good plan, Laura. Maybe you should get together with Sandra Fluke.

Because allowing a baby to be born is the epitome of selfishness, right?

She may not be a gazillionaire, but she’s certainly adept when it comes to spreading her crap around.

Clearly not you, Laura Goodwin. It’s amoral leftists like you who are leading the charge in the War on Women. You don’t speak for women, for men, for anyone. Shame on you. We can only hope that your daughter grows up to appreciate the value of a human life in a way you can’t — and won’t.