RightSolutions today announced the launch of the Bloggers Defense Team, created to raise tax-deductible contributions to underwrite the legal costs of Aaron Walker and other bloggers who find themselves targets of efforts to silence them. The fund will help pay the costs of a Virginia state lawsuit and another Maryland Federal lawsuit.

Walker’s online exposé of convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin has made him the subject of “lawfare” attacks, harassing legal maneuvers intended to intimidate and silence bloggers. Walker has described Kimberlin as “the Energizer Bunny of lawfare.” Walker was also the victim of a SWAT-ting attack, which sends police to the victim’s home via a false report of an emergency.

Says RightSolutions:

No citizen of the United States should ever be arrested merely for blogging – especially not for blogging about the crimes of a public figures and the crimes of convicted criminals. This is an issue that should cross all party lines and divisions. Free speech is what makes our country great, and we must all forever defend it – or forever lose it.


Freedom to blog: Judge partially stays order barring Aaron Walker from mentioning Brett Kimberlin

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