Absolutely disgusting. Just when you think Democrat Bob Beckel can’t possibly sink any lower, he does. Misogyny isn’t enough for him, evidently. Anti-Semitic much, Bob? Or is it a dog whistle for the anti-Semitic Left? Either way, this is absolutely repugnant.

Here is a partial transcript, as Beckel talks about Romney fundraisers on Fox News’ “The Five” this evening, from @TRScoop:

“He had one in Israel with a bunch of diamond merchants, we don’t know the names of them”

Revolting, Mr. Beckel. Twitter users immediately demand action from ‘The Five’ in response to Bob Beckel’s vile remarks.


Vile bigotry is fine when a lefty does it, natch.

Twitchy will monitor and update with any developments. Hopefully, fellow “The Five” panelists will denounce the disgusting comments made by this poor excuse for a man.

Update: See Bob Beckel in all his revolting glory via this video courtesy of The Right Scoop.

More reaction rolls in taking the rabidly deranged Bob Beckel to task.


Dear “The Five”: It’s time to stop pretending that Beckel is oh-so-lovably crotchety. He, and his remarks, are beyond reprehensible. Here’s some background for you, as if what he said today wasn’t enough:

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Beckel’s co-host Dana Perino retweeted this Tuesday night:




Today on “The Five,” Beckel apologized … but not really:

He’s supposedly putting himself in the time-out chair:

Viewers, though, are convinced that Beckel’s taking himself out of the game voluntarily:

That mental image is just like Beckel: highly objectionable.

Let’s hope the producers of “The Five” stand up for decency and give Beckel the boot for good.