Rafalca, the mare co-owned by the Romneys, failed to advance today in the individual dressage competition:

Ridden by Jan Ebeling, Rafalca scored 69.317 after a round of 70.243 last Thursday. The pair were 30th entering the day and needed to be in the top 18 to advance to Thursday’s individual dressage final.

In spite of her horse’s elimination, Ann Romney was proud:

Romney said Rafalca had another “fabulous” ride and that she’s thinking of breeding the German-born mare.  “It was wonderful. She was elegant and consistent again. We just love her.”

That Rafalca and Ebeling were unlikely to medal didn’t matter to Ann Romney, who praised her horse’s consistency and elegance after her first test. “She did not disappoint. She thrilled me to death,” she said.

Naturally, for those who continue to suffer from Rafalca Derangement Syndrome, the Romneys’ loss is cause for celebration. Twitterers rejoiced at the prospect of the Romneys disavowing their horse in shame and selling her off as scrap. Because, you know, that’s what rich people do.