Missouri voters made their way to the ballot box today, to vote in several primary races, including the GOP Senate primary. This is an important race; who will go up against the bravely running away Claire McCaskill? They are also voting on a few ballot measures. Polls are now closed.

Missouri’s own Dana Loesch, of Breitbart.com,  is on the scene.

More citizens report and weigh in.

Heh. But not looking good for Democrat Carnahan?

Reportedly, turn-out is quite low.

Polls are also closed in Michigan. Michael Moore weighs in and, of course, pulls the “ZOMG, voter ID laws” card. However, someone at the polls apparently has a snarky sense of humor.

Oh, snap, Michael. She has your number. You and your incessant whining and falsity-filled moaning.

Twitchy will monitor the elections and update as results roll in.


Update: Akin wins Missouri GOP Senate primary! Next up, he will face Sen. Claire McCaskill!

Update: Former Michigan GOP Rep. Pete Hoekstra hung on and survived a Tea Party challenge from businessman Clark Durant for the Senate GOP nomination. He takes on entrenched Democratic incumbent Sen. Debbie Stabenow:

While GOP officials rally behind Hoekstra, many grass-roots conservatives see missed opportunity:


In the 6th Congressional District of Michigan, GOP Rep. Fred Upton won decisively over another Tea Party challenger:

Sage advice for all Tea Party newcomers and future candidates: