Illegal! Sadly, tweeting while intelligence-deficient is not. Not only is the sky a different color in Cher’s world, but contraception is illegal! People must be jailed when cruising down the condoms aisle at CVS pharmacy. Planned Parenthood also does not exist. Apparently, if the government ceases to fund things with taxpayer money, it will no longer exist at all. Of course: No one built that. Only the government did.

Unfortunately, her iPad apparently became unfrozen, and she went on one of her usual unintelligible rants.

Oh, really, Cher? Like the babies? Innocent lives who cannot speak for themselves … and who never can. Because their very lives were snuffed out before they even took their first breaths.

How about that injustice? But, hey, maybe some of those babies would have been Mormon, huh, Cher? They don’t count, to you.


The men who seek to control women are those who try to make “Julias” out of us.

So do we. Oh, so do we.


Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Indeed. That’s why people just point and snicker at you. She is right about one thing; the haters are the best teachers. Because they expose themselves, always. Thanks, Cher, for exposing yourself.


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