In addition to a host of other crippling derangement syndromes, Fox News contributor Bob Beckel seems to have developed a rabid case of Blame Righty with regard to the deadly Sikh temple shooting. Who could’ve seen this coming?

On Monday’s edition of “The Five,” the increasingly repulsive Beckel insisted that the Wisconsin shooter was politically aligned with the Right because he was reportedly a neo-Nazi.

Authorities have not released information about the gunman’s motive. But like Geraldo Rivera and countless progressives, Beckel sees no reason to wait for the facts. We’re obviously looking at a politically-inspired right-wing hate crime. Y’know, because conservatives are all about hate.

Viewers of “The Five” immediately slammed Beckel’s irresponsible and unsubstantiated assumption.

Beckel once noted that he “might not be cut out” for TV. Some conservative Twitter users agree.

Fortunately, co-host Greg Gutfeld was there to take Beckel to task.

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