Soccer fans who tuned into today’s women’s soccer semifinal between the U.S. and Canada were treated to a full-on battle. After the U.S. tied it up at 3-3 in the 80th minute of play, the game went into double overtime, where Alex Morgan finally broke the tie in the 123rd minute with a header. Morgan’s last-minute goal will take the U.S. into the finals this Thursday to face off against Japan for the gold medal.

Canadians were proud of their team’s effort and were understandably disappointed in the final result. Some, though, were angry. Not with their team, but with the referee. They are convinced that the ref, Christiana Pedersen, had it in for Canada, and may even have been colluding with the U.S. Among the questionable calls was the decision to award the U.S. a penalty kick that wound up resulting in a goal by superstar Abby Wambach:

Referee Christiana Pedersen’s decision to award the penalty came after [Megan] Rapinoe drove a point-blank shot off an indirect free kick into the protective wall in front of Canada’s net.

The ball struck defender Marie-Eve Nault, who was twisting out of the way, and Pedersen called her for a hand ball. Wambach sent her penalty kick along the grass and into the corner of the net to the right of McLeod.

Team Canada fans were highly suspicious of Pedersen’s calls during the game:

When the game ended, while Team USA’s fans celebrated, Canadians’ skepticism became even more pronounced:


So, Twitchers, were any of you watching the game? What did you think? Is this merely a case of sour grapes, or did Team Canada really get the short end of the referee stick?



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