Fox News reports that the gunman suspected of killing six people at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis., was Wade Michael Page, a 40-year-old Army veteran formerly stationed at Fort Bragg.

CBS confirms the news.

There are reports circulating that Page was an active duty serviceman.

Those reports do not appear to be accurate. More details are expected to emerge at a press conference this morning.

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CNN’s Marlena Baldacci reports that the weapon used in the massacre was legal.

More on the alleged shooter’s military career:

No motive has been confirmed at this time.

But lack of an established motive won’t stop the inevitable spread of Blame Righty Syndrome today.


Page was reportedly discharged from the Army for “patterns of misconduct,” including drinking while on duty.


The Southern Poverty Law Center alleges that Page was a member of a White supremacist band called End Apathy. Take this one with a grain of salt until it’s confirmed that this is the same Wade Page.

And … here we go with the Blame Righty Syndrome.

Naturally, if he’s a neo-Nazi he’s also a right-winger. Probably a Tea Party guy too, right?


The Milwaukee Fox affiliate has another photo.

More details on the shooting, investigation and aftermath from the 11 a.m. EDT press conference with Oak Creek officials including Mayor Steve Scaffidi & Police Chief John Edwards:

Officials confirm there was just a single shooter.

Lieutenant Brian Murphy is the heroic officer who was shot by the gunman.

Victims names have been released.

Officials confirmed news reports that the shooting suspect is Wade Michael Page who was killed on-scene yesterday.

The press conference is being handled with compassion and professionalism.

U.S. Attorney James Santelle also spoke to the press.

Santelle reminded the press of an attack on a member of the Sikh faith after 9/11 who was mistaken for a Muslim.

Reminder: authorities have not indicated that the shooter confused Sikhs with Muslims (despite what Geraldo Rivera believes).

Teresa Carlson of the FBI mentioned a second “person of interest” the FBI would like to interview.

Carlson stressed that he is not a suspect, just a person of interest.

Motive is “still being assessed.”

Authorities confirm that the 9mm handgun with multiple magazines of ammunition was used in the shooting. It was purchased legally.

No other information about the weapon and where it was purchased is being released at this time.

There was no active investigation into the shooter prior to Sunday.

Investigators are looking into any possible white supremacist connection.

The temple could be available to the Sikh community by Thursday.

There is a fund for victims.

The 911 call will be released at a later date.

There may be surveillance video to aid in the investigation.

No specifics about the investigation will be released at this time. There is no press conference scheduled for this afternoon.


Label56, the record label that distributed music by white power band End Apathy, released a statement that acknowledges shooting suspect Wade Michael Page was in the band.