“You’ve got (spam) mail.”

President Obama’s desperation is showing again; this time, in the form of increasingly creepy, and annoying, spam emails. Even email services are now considering him spam!

The fundraising emails aren’t just at insanely high levels of frequency. They are also getting creepier and creepier.

The Washington Post reports that on May 31, the Obama campaign sent 11 different emails, focusing on different identity politics boxed-up groups. Including the dreaded, and mock-worthy, car magnet pitch, which was repeated again in July.

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The messages tend to fall into two broad categories. First, there are the overly familiar, seemingly personal messages that are billed as coming from “Barack” or “Michelle” or “Joe” and are often pegged to a birthday, adinner raffle or some other gimmick. The campaign issued a flurry of fundraising pleas pegged to Obama’s 51st birthday, which was Saturday, including a contest to attend a special event in Chicago later this month.

One strategist calls them the “stalker pitch.”

“I don’t get to tell you this enough,” starts one signed by the president.

“Me again,” writes Anne Marie Habershaw, the campaign’s chief operating officer.

“Hey,” starts another from Obama.

Good grief, what’s next? “Hey, baby, I can’t get you out of my mind.” Criminy, if even the Washington Post is mocking you, Obama, time to step away from the Gmail. The article also reported that President Obama’s campaign has sent out over 600 fundraising emails this year, a bulk of which were sent out in the past three months alone. Romney? 100 emails.

It also detailed another “strategy” of Team Obama fundraising mails: the stink of desperation. See, they keep sending out dire warnings like, “Oh noes! We are going to be outspent” and the like. Twitchy has reported on the utter fail of that strategy before. The president also failed with his creepy, and endless, pimping of George Clooney emails.

Citizens have had quite enough of the spam and are fed up with having a president who totally tries to creep on them. For the past week, they have been venting, and mocking, on Twitter.


Even Obama supporters are ready to kick him to the curb.



Dear President Obama: We are just not that into you. And hope to “unsubscribe” for good in November.