Hollywood artist Manny Castro has come forward to proudly take credit for spray-painting the words “tastes like hate” on the exterior of a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Torrance, Calif.

In an exclusive interview with The Huffington Post, Castro said he vandalized the restaurant because Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day was “the same thing” as “Christians protesting blacks marrying whites” 40 years ago.

Uh huh. Thanks, genius, we’ve seen the photos of those intolerant hatemongers enjoying chicken with their families.

Castro also told HuffPo, “It’s paint on a wall. It got removed in less than an hour. It’s not that much of a crime — it’s a protest.”

Not “that much of a crime”? A reminder of Castro’s “protest”:

Prior to committing “not that much of a crime” in protest of people who love free speech and chicken, Castro urged his Twitter followers to trend “TASTES LIKE HATE > @ChickfilA.”


After revealing his identity to The Huffington Post, Castro thanked supporters.

Yes, that’s right. Castro is being celebrated by his fellow tolerance bullies.


So, now that Castro has claimed responsibility for the vandalism, will he have to answer for defacing private property with his anti-Chick-fil-A graffiti?

More from Patch:

Torrance police Sgt. Jennifer Uyeda said that the department had not heard about Castro’s interview until Patch contacted them. She said police would look into it.

Castro shouldn’t be too hard to find. He’ll be unveiling more “art” at a group show today.