The #NBCFail hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

As Americans of all races, colors, and creeds buzzed with excitement about gold medal-winning U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas’s amazing poise, artistry, and athleticism in the all-around competition on Thursday night, veteran NBC sports anchor Bob Costas rambled on about the 16-year-old athlete’s … race. She’s the fourth American woman and the first African-American gymnast to capture the title.

Some social media observers had choice words for Costas and his clumsy injection of social and political commentary:

And … let’s pile on more #NBCFail. Whose brilliant idea was it to run an ad featuring a monkey gymnast right after the Douglas triumph?

Like Costas, some viewers did get a bit carried away with racial hypersensitivity. When Costas referred to Douglas using her well-publicized childhood nickname — the “Flying Squirrel” — many uninformed Twitter users went ballistic:

Color us unsurprised by Costas’s sanctimony or by some of the P.C. silliness that greeted Douglas’s victory.

We prefer this viewer’s take: