The 8.3% unemployment rate? President Obama built that for you. And, again, you pesky plebs are taking things totally out of context!

A prescient Twitter user called it this morning.

Who needs the news, when you have on-the-ball citizens on Twitter? You can get the news before it’s even made! Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom rapidly responds with a beautiful “oh, snap” remark.

RNC chair Reince Priebus puts it into perspective.

Citizens aren’t buying the White House’s incredibly pitiful spin either.

Ha! Yes, her reaction to Solyndra going under was “ugh.” This would merit in “ugh” as well, unless she buys the spin. Then “meh” might suffice.

This Twitter user sums it up nicely, in video!

And, of course, the White House also repeated the “reading too much into it” line. For the 31st time.

Political adviser and writer Amanda Carpenter brings it all home.

Remember: The staggering unemployment? Obama built it for them.

We, the people, will change that. In November.

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