The Left is totally focused on the issues this campaign season. If by “issues” you mean stoking class envy over Ann Romney’s horse. You know, the dressage horse that’s part of her multiple sclerosis therapy.

Rafalca made her Olympic debut in London today, and naturally MSNBC found it newsworthy.

Courtesy of the Soros monkeys and their raging Rafalca Derangement Syndrome, Mrs. Romney’s horse also debuted in a new ad in which puts all of the Left’s wealth resentment and hatred straight in the horse’s mouth.

Speaking with a phony upper crust accent, as all obscenely wealthy dressage horses are apt to do, “Rafalca” pulls a Mr. Ed:

How do I pull off such grace and athleticism while looking so good? Maybe it’s because the Romneys spend $77,000 a year on my upkeep, and after Mitt Romney repeals healthcare and ships your job overseas, I daresay your life will not be nearly as pampered as mine. After all, you’re not one of his horses.

Funny, we seem to remember the DNC having to offer up an apology for its ad featuring Mrs. Romney’s therapy horse. But hey, it’s not like the Dems actually pulled the ad:

If it’s okay for the Democratic Party, that must mean it’s a-OK for the vile MoveOn class warriors to pile on with their disgusting mockery, right? The Left’s sewer rats were thrilled to carry out their marching orders, spewing their hate at Mitt Romney, his wife and Rafalca.

Hey, Governor Romney, it’s time to fight like a girl.

Family’s off limits, right? What’s that, President Obama? We can’t hear you over the sound of all those crickets.