Ah, yes. Another self-righteous and smug liberal claiming tolerance, while being anything but tolerant. Another Twitter user points this pesky fact out to him, in picture form.

Their money “funds hate.” Like the totally hateful act of providing water, for free, to people protesting their company and trying to bully them.

Huh. How “intolerant,” right, Shephard Smith and Donna Brazile? Looks like there was more total bigotry and hate across the nation!

But it couldn’t have possibly happened in the icky, old South, could it have?


The media does; it rips its false narrative to shreds.

That seems to be par for the course for kind and gracious Chick-fil-A workers, even in the face of contemptible bullies. Well done, Chick-fil-A management and employees.

“Tolerant” liberals can learn a lot from you.