While most of the “no hate” crowd were satisfied wishing heart attacks or chokings on Chick-fil-A customers today, at least one person took his message of tolerance that extra step, calling in a bomb threat to a Chick-fil-A in Martinsburg, W. Va.

The threat came on Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, an anti-boycott event launched by Gov. Mike Huckabee that resulted in packed restaurants and long lines at Chick-fil-A stores across the country.

The restaurant was closed for about three hours as Martinsburg city police and firefighters investigated after a caller claimed a “device” had been planted at the scene. That doesn’t sound very tolerant, does it?


Who would do such a hateful thing? Let’s bring in an expert, objective journalist to investigate.


Coincidentally, a bomb threat was made to the San Antonio International Airport today. Pro tip: you might want to be careful what you wish for… and what you tweet.



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